Carnegie Downtown Flats Development Plan

PaPa J’s Restaurant at Carnegie Downtown Flats

The Troiani Family is excited to recommit to PaPa J’s restaurant operations with the Carnegie Downtown Flats Development Plan.

This programatic design is the culmination of the Troiani family’s commitment to the assemble and entitle use by years of iteration in Carnegie Community workshops informed by valued priorities of Carnegie Council, Carnegie Zoning and Carnegie Planning Commission and the Community Development Corporation.

This by right mixed-use project consists of four street level retail spaces to include a PaPa J’s Sit-Down Restaurant spread over multiple retail positions, first floor health and wellness amenities and three upper floors of condo convertible quality, best in class for rent apartments.

 The plan will consolidate the 5 parcels 200, 210, 212, 214 East Main Street, 429 Robert Street and Williams Way between Broadway and School Streets and offer mobility accommodations including 45 off-street parking spaces, bike racks with maintenance porticos and electric charging stations.

Please join in support as this plan will be shared for Public Comment on 2/23/2021 at the Carnegie Planning Commission Event: